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Bobby’s Burger Shack; Minho/Key; PG


Kibum works at a burger bar and Minho’s the cutest customer they’ve ever had.

(3321 words - minkey / jongtae - this is for shineesque, and also keystagram and mingetskey on twitter omg i’m sorry idk ur tumblrs, and also anyone else who has hella minkey thirst atm. this fic has taken so long to wrie istg)

When Kibum had applied for his job at Bobby’s Burger Shack it had been mostly sarcastic, since he didn’t actually fulfill any of the requirements that they were asking for - ‘must be passionate about working in a fairground!!,’ ‘must LOVE kids!!,’ ‘must be passionate about quality service of burgers!!!!!!’ Kibum didn’t give a shit about burgers, he was a vegetarian, though he hadn’t been when he had applied, but all of the grease and fat had put him off just a week into his job. He hated kids too, he hated them almost as much as he hated fairgrounds and that was a considerable amount. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Kibum found his job the worst thing in the world, they didn’t even pay a legal wage.

Summer time was the worst, since the amount of people flooding in tripled or quadrupled, and he’d have to deal with queues that twisted around the tables to the fence over the other side of the courtyard. Sometimes it was worth it, when someone slipped him an extra note as a tip, or let him keep the change, but mostly it fucking sucked. The van was tiny, boiling hot, and it stank all of the time, to the extent that he would leave at the end of the day smelling like meat. He often envied the women across the courtyard with their pleasant smelling candyfloss stall, its pastel coloured sweet tubs and fizzy pop in cans lined up across the back. All he had was lumps of raw meat (which was possibly 90% horse, he wasn’t sure) and burger buns that tasted more like paper than anything else. By the end of the day he just wanted a salad, so he supposed it had at least been good for his health.

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SHINee as Youtubers!AU Taemin/Key (Untitled) - 
"[6:05:12 PM] taemin: are kibum and minho dating?

[6:06:01 PM] taemin: forget it i shouldn’t have asked you
[6:06:04 PM] taemin: i can practically feel you laughing at me through the screen”

(2500 words)

Jonghyun fiddled with the strings of his guitar, the camera in front of him blinking obnoxiously as it recorded his every move. Jinki was sat by his side, playing games on his phone, completely disinterested in the whole Youtube thing as per usual. It was meant to be their joint channel, but it was in fact mostly Jonghyun that posted the content, Jinki sometimes sitting in to lend his voice to a cover or two, but it always took a lot of effort to get him to do so. This time it was a cover of a Disney song, mostly because Jonghyun was feeling nostalgic and sentimental, but Jinki knew it so much better than he did (hours and hours of practicing in the shower tended to do that) so Jonghyun had enlisted his help, which so far mostly just consisted of Jinki trying to beat his own Candypang score.

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