141013 SHINeeWORLD Ishikawa taemkey 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

14/∞ Gif-sets of my OTP Taekey: Key giving it to Taemin


Never question shinee, they are too special. ^.^”“

Danger @ SMTOWN in Shanghai [©]

141018 SMTown in Shanghai - The Onho Mating Dance strikes again~

One For The Angels - Chapter One


Fandom: kpop (SHINee)
Pairing: onkey
Rated: PG
Genre: science fiction

Description: For years Jinki has been trying to blur or break the boundaries between robotics and the human soul, and had met nothing but too many failures to count. But when he does finally manage to transfer a human soul into an android mainframe, the result isn’t exactly what he was expecting.

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Silly boys

taemin - 1; jongin - 0

141018 - SHINee being dorks around BoA and Changmin~

© Angel_Appear


141015 - Shinee World 2014 in Mie - Highlights (Onew) - Onewish Fancam

Today was a good day for Onew fancams! XD SO CUTE

onew and minho being adorable dorks

onew and minho being adorable dorks