Onew in LLO MV 

Because every fancam of this deserves its own gifs [ x ]

30/100 | Sehun’s killer body roll 

SHINee's comeback stages 2008-2012

Sehun’s fail in Love Like Oxygen

sehun forgot to get on the platform with the rest of the shinee members and taemin laughs at sehun’s fail

Minho & Taemin singing their “Love like Oxygen” lines to each other

Minho: Without you, I can’t breathe

Taemin: I continually grow more fatigued

Minho + Taemin: You’re like oxygen to me

SHINee 4th Year Anniversary MEGAMIX by DJ Rock$TAR:
- Replay
- Love Like Oxygen
- Amigo
- Juliette
- Ring Ding Dong
- Lucifer
- Hello
- Sherlock